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“The horse is a reflection of the riders ability” ~ Ray Hunt.

My Horse Riding Makeover

Life isn’t always easy. As riders it is common that we bring our daily troubles and stress with us when we ride our horses. Often we are un-aware that these issues can directly and significantly impact our horses. These include tension in our bodies, work stress, bad posture, lack of fitness, unhappiness, worry and feeling under pressure a lot of the time.

The Horse Riding Makeover online course is a 5 week online program designed to help you to change small, practial things in your daily life, which can result in big improvements in the quality of your horse riding.

– Fix common bad habits like looking down, leaning forwards, storing tension, forgetting to breathe, straight arms, rounding shoulders, heels up, legs too far forward, slouching and not focusing
– Improve your posture in your daily life
– Learn how to release tension in your body
– Learn methods to deal with stress
– Monitor your stress levels with our stress & tension calculator
– Implement a fitness program designed for you
– Become more supple, relaxed and balanced with yoga & pilates
– Understand the importance of saddle fit for you & your horse
– Use the 10 minute posture rebalancing exercise before you ride
– Learn 3 simple steps to happiness you can do every day

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