I was working at my computer today and suddenly it started to snow! So I decided once it cleared up it was time to get out & get active.

Yesterday, I found it a bit tricky to move my eyes then my head on long straight roads, so today I decided to try another option – go for a walk in the fields and for fun bring my lovely horse with me.


A few months ago I had decided to get a field shelter for the two horses. We looked around online, but there was nothing that suited and they were all pretty expensive. So Dad designed a new type of field shelter, and its been up for about 2 months now. Every time I go out to see the horses they are usually standing at it – especially if there is any wind about.


So I told Oz the plan & off we went. At the beginning I focused more on Ozzie. He was leading on a loose rein, and matching my speed exactly, getting faster & slower, stopping and backing up, without me taking any of the slack out of the rein. A great horse!

Unfortunately after a few minutes, the weather turned and it started to sleet & snow. So much for my best laid plans. We headed back over to the field shelter & I called it a day. Total 1501 steps!

But weather happens, so Plan B will be to do some yoga later on today. I have a resource I think you will LOVE, and its perfect for those days when you want to improve your balance & suppleness and it’s too cold / wet / snowy to go out!

Do you do any type of exercise or sports when its horrible outside?

Anyone go to the gym or go swimming or to local classes?

Do you think being fit is important for your horse riding?

Let me know in the comments.

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