Horse Riding Lessons & your daily habits

Your horse is your mirror. Your skills, knowledge & experience is usually a direct correlation to the results you get when you are riding and training your horse.

Did you know that if you look down when you ride, you are physically encouraging your horse to put more weight on their forehand?

And if you have a lot of tensed up muscles in your body from stress at work or at home, then you probably can’t feel the horse underneath you as you should, and your timing can be poorer, which will affect your transitions & lateral work?

Horses are amazing, but quite often its our abilities, or bad habits, that cause some of the issues that we want to fix. What we don’t often realise is that by fixing our own habits, we can improve our horse riding dramatically – in just 35 days!

Horse training videos: How to improve your horse riding in 35 days or less

The Honest Horse Riding online course is a 5 week online program designed to help you to change small, practical things in your daily life, which can result in big improvements in the quality of your horse riding. It includes 5 weeks worth of online horse training videos which will improve your riding in just 35 days.

Learn more about our online horse riding course and the horse training videos.

Horse Books

For more horse training tips, download our new ‘My Horse Riding Makeover’ book.

How to improve your horse riding in 35 days – Horse training videos and tips
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