My New Year started off with great resolutions. And they lasted exactly 12 days.

I had got a new pedometer tracker over Christmas (the jawbone up, its a bit pricey but it works great!) and I was sporty every day, walking about 10,000 steps per day.


On Jan 12, I had to travel for work and since then my routine has changed. It wasn’t as easy to go out & exercise, and besides some laps in the local swimming pool (and considerable time in both the sauna & jacuzzi!), I had done very little exercise for the last 2 weeks.

I went out and spent some time with my horse Ozzie today, who has listening so hard to me, we were literally in time with each others feet while we did some ground work. It was great – and it made me feel very guilty about not putting in the same effort in working on myself.

So – I decided to get back in gear. My goal was not to do some crazy half day exercise one day, and then do nothing for the rest of the week. I’d much prefer to get into the habit of exercising for 30 mins once a day, and to do this every day.

So even though I was feeling lazy, on went the runners. The jawbone was put on my wrist and I downloaded some good business podcasts I had been wanting to catch up on. I ended up on a lovely walk to and back from our next village along the country roads, listening to the local sheep, a little stream, crows in the trees high above, and avoiding a few large trucks that were busy on the road this afternoon. And this was the first result:


Woohoo! I moved 9,336 steps, which is about 7.5k. And I got to enjoy and relax in the country.


Walking is a great way to practise aspects of your horse riding as well. So for my walk today I had three things in mind:

1) Breathing using my diaphram
2) Relaxing my shoulders and improving my posture
3) Not staring at the ground

My breathing was pretty good actually, and my shoulders were much improved from a year ago. I think yoga & pilates has a lot to do with that. My attempts at not staring at the ground made me laugh. I think I’m actually better now at looking where I am going when I ride my horse, as there are more turns. Walking along the road, is a LOT of straight lines, so it was more difficult to remember to move my eyes first and then my head.

Now that I’m back, I felt a lot more energised and full of life than before the walk. So that’s great as well. For me, my focus this year is to incorporate all of these ‘improvements’ I want to achieve in my horse riding, into my daily life.

Did you make any new years resolutions? Are you still doing them?

Have you set any big 2015 riding improvement goals?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Getting past lazy and getting inspired – New Years Resolutions 2015!

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