Oh no. Disaster has struck. I saw someone wearing one of these hats and I thought – OMG. I think they are the coolest hats ever! They remind me of old-style pilots hats. On the basis that my current skull cap is about 8 years old, and you can never put a price on safety, I got onto google and started my quest to figure out who made this hats & how expensive were they.

I was pleasantly surprised! They were made by a company called ‘Harry’s Horse’. I found a local shop I could buy them from, which was good. Better again, the price wasn’t as bad as I had thought. I could get a hat from the tackroom for €80.96 plus postage. I exchanged a few emails with Imedla who was very nice to deal with.

After a few days wait (my packages have an unfortunate ability of getting lost!) THIS arrived to my door.


Cue me bouncing up & down quite a lot. But – buying hats is not an easy business. Its much better if you can visit the store in person & try out the sizes.

We all have different shape heads, so what hat fits your head shape is likely not to fit mine. If your hat is too tight you’ll get a headache, and if its too loose it’ll drop down over your eyes when you don’t want it to, and won’t be particularly safe.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted with this cute bag.


And there was the riding hat! (Unfortunately it was the wrong size, but I sent it back quickly & in about 2 days the right size hat had arrived!) This hat meets the EN 1384 stanards.


Yes, I’m smitten. What’s not to like about an old school pilot hat with BLING on the front of it?! A friend of mine saw it and I asked him how much he thought it cost. He said €200. He was quite surprised when I said it was €80!


You can see the inside of the hat here. It’s very comfy & well padded.


Here are my results:

TEST #1 ‘DOES IT LOOK GOOD’: What did it look like in use?
RESULT: Great! I know its personal taste but really like it.

TEST #2 COMPARISON: Was there anything I missed, comparing my new hat to my old hat?

TEST #3 PERFORMANCE: Does it perform better than my old hat?
RESULT: Hopefully I’ll never find out!



Ease of purchasing: 9/10: Very easy to use the website.

Customer service: 8/10. Another parcel that got lots in the post but Imelda was great to deal with, and the second hat got here in 1 day.

Product design: 8/10. No huge innovations in this product, but its pretty!

Quality of product: 9/10.. A really nice quality hat. Good bag too.

Performance improvement: 5/10. Hopefully I’ll never have to find out, but I expect no big difference between both hats.

Price: 8/10. This hat looks more expensive that the price!



This is a really nice riding hat, if you are into minimal bling & an old-school effect. I plan to wear it for the next few years!


Have you tried out these stirrups? Let me know in the comments below.

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An attack of the ‘shiny object’ syndome – The Harry’s Horse Riding Hat Review

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